Concept cal

Concept cal

-boron 36. % (weight / weight)
-Calcium oxide 18.2% (weight / weight)


Add a spray on the leaves (All vegetables and fruits)
Addition by irrigation water


1.5 – 2 cm / liter of water
4-6 liters / feddan

Method and period of use

2-3 transactions every 15 days
2 – 4 transactions with a difference of 15 days

A high-quality Turkish product

– Calcium dissolved in water with boron to prevent and treat symptoms of calcium deficiency.
– Quick correction of symptoms of calcium and boron deficiency.
– Boron increases pollen vitality and helps to improve knots.
– Reduces the fall of flowers and fruits.
– Eliminates pink tip rot in tomato fruits resulting from calcium deficiency.
– Calcium is involved in the composition of the components of the cell wall and thus increases the strength and hardness of the wall Cellular, which is reflected in the hardness of the fruits and their vitality for long-term storage.
– Boron controls the speed of water absorption in the plant, and its presence increases the plant’s resistance for dehydration and thirst.
– Boron works on the speed of movement of the calcium element inside the plant, as the calcium element Slow moving elements.

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