Concept Zinc 14 %

Concept Zinc 14 %

Zinc EDTA 14% + growth stimulants

the crop

Deciduous trees: Grapes – peach – apricot – pomegranate – apple
Citrus: mango – olive
greens: Pepper – tomato – eggplant
القرعيات Cucumbers- zucchini – watermelon – cantaloupe
Tuberous crops and bulbs Potatoes – onions – garlic – sugar beets
Field crops wheat- corn – rice
Ornamental plants and green spaces

Usage dates

February – May One spray every 15 days
February – April 15 days’ workshop
Two weeks after planting, spray every 15 days
After the second true leaf comes out, spraying is repeated once every 7-10 days
15 days after planting, once every two weeks
One month after planting, and the spraying is repeated one month after the first spraying,
spraying it every 15 days

spray solution concentration:

2 g/l
– 1.5 g/L
2 g/l
2 g/l
2 g/l
1 gm/l

Characteristics of Concept Zinc:

– Increases growth rates and cell division.
– Provides vegetable and fruit plants with zinc in an easy-to-absorb and highly effective form Effective in preventing and treating symptoms of zinc deficiency in all vegetable, fruit and ornamental plants.
– Works to improve the ratio of female flowers: male flowers in cucurbita family plants by boosting the formation of anti- gibberellins.
– It works to improve the fertility rate in deciduous trees, such as Grapes and pears.
– Increase plant resistance to unsuitable environmental conditions such as salinity, cold, and high temperatures.
– Plays an important role in building plant hormones that are anti-stress and stimulate growth. Stable when used in fertilization at pH levels.

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