Dania Sall

Dania Sall

  • Nitrogen 10 %
  • Calcium 22%
  • Said ethylene glycol 4%
  • Stearic acid 2%
  • Acetic acid 2%
  • oxalic acid 2%

Dosage and rates of use

It is used with irrigation water with all types of vegetable and fruit crops, field crops, ornamental plants and green spaces, and the dose used depends on the level of salinity in the water and soil.
Registration number: 21933
Shelf life: 3 years from the date of production

Dania Sall Properties

  • Dania Sall is a natural acid
  • Dania Sall is able to reduce salinity and increase bacterial growth rates and increase the microbial load of the soil
  • Danya Sall has a lowering effect on the soil and irrigation solution, and thus works to remove the negative effects resulting from the accumulation of sodium and chloride ions that are toxic to plants.
  • Dania Sall supplies plants and soil with calcium.
  • Dania Sall works to replace the sodium ion, which is necessary for plant growth, in saline soils.
  • Dania Sall increases the rate of sodium ion exchange with iron, manganese and zinc ions
  • Danya Sall is a root system stimulant that contains substances that combat environmental stress resulting from increased salinity or water scarcity.
  • Danya Sal stimulates the vital growth of beneficial bacteria and microbes in the vicinity of the root system.
  • Dania Sall increases soil fertility and the percentage of organic matter in it as a result of its activation of many beneficial microbes
  • Dania Sall improves soil texture when used regularly

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